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The Loss of Hope Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

loss of hope promo
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Have you heard the whispers about the “Loss of Hope” promo card from My Hero Academia Universus? This card, featuring the infamous Gentle Criminal, the festival arc’s main baddie, has become the talk of the town among collectors. It’s not just grabbing attention; it’s making numbers dance.

Today, let’s embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries shrouding this card—dive into its origins, quirky trivia, illustration nuances, and the intriguing question of its $10 market value.


gentle criminal

To decode the “Loss of Hope” promo card, we’ve got to start with the story of Gentle Criminal himself. Born as Danjuro Tobita, this quirky villain took a U-turn from hero aspirations after facing life’s curveballs. Armed with the Elasticity quirk, he can temporarily turn any object elastic.

However, his aspirations collided with a misguided sense of justice, pushing him to embrace the dark side of villainy.


Beyond the capers of crime, Gentle Criminal’s partnership with his accomplice La Brava adds an intriguing twist.

La Brava’s quirk, Love, gives Gentle a boost when she showers him with affection. This odd couple stands out even in My Hero Academia’s diverse character lineup, adding a dash of romance to the villainous mix.


loss of hope promo

Imagine Gentle Criminal, clutching a mysterious box, his gaze fixated as if it holds the universe’s secrets. The “Loss of Hope” illustration, while not stealing the promo set’s limelight, captures a unique anime snapshot.

It poses questions about the contents of the box and the contemplations swirling in Gentle Criminal’s mind, creating an aura of curiosity.


Though not hailed as the crown jewel of the promo set, the “Loss of Hope” card boasts a market value of around $10. Its mystique, paired with Gentle Criminal’s allure and the card’s promotional nature, fuels its pricing. Yet, the crystal ball gets hazy when we ponder its future sustainability.

Will it stand the test of time, or will it gracefully step aside as newer cards hog the spotlight? Only time will unfold the destiny of this enigmatic promo card.

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