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Citywide Tensions Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

Citywide Tensions
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The “City Wide Tensions” card from the My Hero Academia Universus Promo set takes a refreshing detour.

Instead of showcasing caped crusaders or menacing villains, it focuses on the unsung heroes of the MHA universe – the ordinary citizens caught in the crossfire of chaos.

And the card has been doing great numbers so we decided to shed some much deserved light on the card, so without any further ado, let’s get right into it!


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To truly understand the significance of the “City Wide Tensions” card, we need to rewind to the origins of quirks. Quirks, superhuman abilities, appeared suddenly in a portion of the population.

It wasn’t a gradual change; one day, people woke up with extraordinary powers. Some harnessed these powers for heroism, while others succumbed to the allure of villainy.


The MHA universe, despite its extraordinary elements, mirrors our own in many ways. The chaos caused by quirks often leads to city-wide tensions. Heroes and villains engage in epic battles, leaving collateral damage in their wake.

However, amidst the chaos, there are those who choose to live ordinary lives. These individuals, despite having quirks, opt for normalcy over the tumultuous life of a hero or villain. They form the backbone of society, choosing to contribute in quieter ways.

Heroes and villains may dominate the headlines, but the baker with the power to manipulate dough or the librarian who can telekinetically organize books are also essential. The “City Wide Tensions” card captures this dichotomy – the extraordinary and the mundane coexisting.


Citywide Tensions

The heart of the “City Wide Tensions” card lies in its evocative illustration. Unlike other cards that showcase battles between titans, this promo card zooms in on the terror-stricken faces of regular people.

The dark hues and the terrified expressions create a stark contrast to the usual heroic vibrancy of My Hero Academia.

It’s a powerful depiction of the fear that normal citizens experience when chaos erupts around them. The absence of recognizable heroes or villains emphasizes that these are everyday people facing extraordinary circumstances.

It’s a poignant reminder that heroism extends beyond those with flashy quirks and costumes.


Now, let’s talk about the surprising value of this unique card. As of this blog post, “City Wide Tensions” is commanding a respectable $10 on various reseller sites.

What makes this even more impressive is the absence of any familiar faces on the card. It’s a testament to the card’s ability to resonate with fans, highlighting the importance of the ordinary in an extraordinary world.

This card’s value isn’t just in its rarity but in its narrative – a reminder that heroism comes in many forms, often in the everyday choices of ordinary people.

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