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Hacker Extraordinaire Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

Hacker Extraordinaire
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In the My Hero Academia Universus CCG, where quirks and heroes take center stage, a card has been quietly making waves – the “Hacker Extraordinaire” featuring the enigmatic La Brava.

Let’s unravel the mysteries behind this intriguing card, exploring its origins, sharing delightful trivia, delving into the modest yet effective illustration, and, of course, deciphering its current value.


la brava

La Brava, the Hacker Extraordinaire, emerges from the shadowy corners of the MHA universe. Her origins are shrouded in the mystery that surrounds many characters with less screen time.

What we do know is that she is a devoted fan and ally of Gentle Criminal. Together, they form an unusual but captivating duo, determined to make their mark on the hero-dominated world.


Behind the skillful hacking and clandestine activities lies a character with quirks beyond the digital realm. La Brava’s unwavering love for Gentle Criminal is a driving force, and her quirk, Love, enhances her partner’s abilities.

The deeper layers of her character are yet to be explored fully, making her an enigmatic figure in the MHA universe.


Hacker Extraordinaire

The illustration on the “Hacker Extraordinaire” card captures La Brava in her element. Seated, focused, and surrounded by the digital glow of a hacker’s haven, she epitomizes the modern-day cyberpunk hero.

It’s a subtle portrayal that doesn’t rely on flashy effects but instead encapsulates the essence of La Brava’s expertise.

As a hacker extraordinaire, La Brava isn’t just a one-dimensional character. The illustration hints at her human side – perhaps she indulges in a bit of internet “doom scrolling” just like the rest of us.

It’s a relatable touch that humanizes her character beyond the realms of heroism.


Now, let’s talk about the value of the “Hacker Extraordinaire” card. As of the latest market check, this promo card is holding its ground at around the $10 mark.

The limited availability of promo cards inherently boosts their value, and with a character like La Brava, who hasn’t been extensively featured in the series, obtaining this card becomes even more enticing for collectors.

While the value is commendable, it’s worth noting that if the illustration had boasted a bit more flair, the card could have ascended to even greater heights. Nevertheless, the allure of La Brava’s mystique and the exclusivity of the promo set make the “Hacker Extraordinaire” a prized possession for any My Hero Academia Universus enthusiast.

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