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The “He’s still fighting promo” from My Hero Academia Universus

he's still fighting
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The buzz around the “He’s Still Fighting” promo card from My Hero Academia Universus Promo Set 06 is real, and it’s not just because of its coolness – this card packs a punch in the value department too!

Stick around as we break down why this card is making waves, exploring its roots, tossing in some fun trivia, checking out the illustration, and sizing up its current and future worth.


To get why the “He’s Still Fighting” promo card is a big deal, let’s peek into the beginnings of the My Hero Academia universe.

Here, folks trust their heroes like nobody’s business. These heroes aren’t just caped wonders; they’re symbols of peace and do-goodery. Heroism is all about folks going all out, risking it for the greater good – a theme that sets the stage for this captivating card.


Now, let’s spice things up with some trivia! Imagine this – the mighty All Might, the Symbol of Peace, almost threw in the towel while protecting the innocent.

The jaw-dropping bit? He didn’t. All Might kept at it, showing crazy determination and toughness that cranked up his hero legend. It’s these backstage heroics that amp up the love for icons like All Might.


he's still fighting

Now, let’s zoom into the heart of the matter – the “He’s Still Fighting” illustration. Picture this: a My Hero Academia character charging into the brawl, guns blazing.

The catch? The title hints that the character is still in the fight, maybe rushing to back up a buddy or facing off with a fierce opponent.

The kicker? We’re in the dark about the exact scene. It’s a bit mysterious, adding that extra dash of intrigue. Some whispers suggest it could be a snippet from an episode featuring the notorious Mafia shark. But, hey, mystery loves company, right?


Time to crunch numbers – the “He’s Still Fighting” promo card is currently hitting the $10 mark. Not too shabby, considering the frenzy it’s stirred among collectors and fans alike. Now, let’s peek into the crystal ball for future gazing.

The hitch? The characters on the card aren’t exactly A-list celebs in the My Hero Academia fame game. Plus, the lack of a broader storyline backdrop makes predicting their future stardom a tad tricky. While the present value stands tall at $10, the road ahead seems like uncharted territory. Will it skyrocket or keep its cool $10 vibe? Only the ever-unfolding My Hero Academia saga will reveal that plot twist.

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