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The Juvenile Mayhem Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

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The “Juvenile Mayhem” card is a part of the My Hero Academia Universus promo set and has been one of the best performers in terms of value.

This card, snugly nestled within the prestigious My Hero Academia Universus promo set, has been consistently flying off reseller sites, sparking curiosity and excitement among fans.

Today, let’s embark on a journey to unveil the enchantment of this card, delving into its origins, spicing things up with some entertaining trivia, shedding light on its lively illustration, and, of course, peeking into its current market value while throwing in a pinch of future predictions.


To truly grasp the appeal of “Juvenile Mayhem,” let’s journey back to the very roots of quirks in the My Hero Academia universe.

Here, quirks, those superhuman abilities, emerge in children, and their manifestation often takes a chaotic and unpredictable turn. Picture this – innocent kids, brimming with power that can unintentionally lead to delightful mayhem.

It’s a charming yet potentially perilous aspect of the MHA universe, setting the stage for the thematic brilliance of this card.


Now, let’s sprinkle in some lighthearted trivia about how quirks unfold in the youngest denizens of the MHA universe. Envision children grappling with newfound abilities, turning mundane situations into extraordinary adventures.

The unpredictable nature of their quirks adds an element of joy, mischief, and the occasional mayhem to their lives. It’s like a playground where each child becomes a potential powerhouse of quirk-induced chaos, creating a lively and unpredictable atmosphere.


juvenile mayhem

As the name implies, the “Juvenile Mayhem” card treats us to a visual fiesta, featuring kids immersed in delightful chaos. It’s an absolute spectacle! In the MHA universe, the age-old saying “kids will be kids” takes on a whole new meaning, especially when these youngsters wield powerful quirks.

The card showcases these budding prodigies, their quirks freshly manifested, providing a glimpse into a more genuine and unfiltered side of the MHA universe. It’s a charming portrayal that injects a touch of realism into the fantastical world of heroes and quirks.


Now, onto the burning question – what’s the value of this sought-after card? Currently, the “Juvenile Mayhem” promo is fetching around $11 across various reseller platforms. This price tag seems to perfectly capture the essence of a card that encapsulates the lively spirit of MHA’s youngest heroes.

Market trends suggest that many promo cards from this set orbit around a similar price range, and the crystal ball hints at this trend continuing into the future.

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