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Top 10 most valuable cards from the Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Set 2021!

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The legendary Pokemon Eternatus arrived as a Pokemon V card in the Darkness Ablaze Set. The deck’s theme is pretty reminiscent of the darkness Eternatus represented, hence the name Darkness Ablaze!

The set had a little something for everyone. The set gave the PRO TCG players a lot of new cards to build their decks with and the collectors a lot of new cards to chase. The cards on the pack still are precious, so we decided to rank the most valuable ones.

This list contains the top 10 most valuable cards from the pack and will take into consideration the price points from recent sales made on eBay and TCGplayer.com. To know more accurate prices, visit these sites!

With that out of the way, let’s get on the list; it will be exciting!

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Top 10 most valuable cards from the Pokemon Darkness Ablaze

10. Crobat V Full Art Ultra Rare ($5-7)

We start off our list with one of the most famous flying type Pokemon for a long time, Crtobat. The full art card displays some great artwork, and at the time of the release, this card was worth $30-40, but now the price has come down significantly.

9. Centiskorch Vmax Secret Rare ($6-7)

Centiskorch finds itself next up on the list with a Vmax secret rare, which is being sold for $6 at making this list of the most valuable cards from Darkness Ablaze.

8. Coalossal Secret Rare ($9-12)

The Coalossal Secret Rare is a cool-looking card with the Pokemon standing in an aggressive stance surrounded by golden. The card just pops out and looks because of all the gold colors on it.

7. Scizor Vmax Secret Rare ($11-13)

Scizor is an excellent Pokemon, to begin with, and this Vmax card does its reputation justice by giving him by having some great artwork on its card!

6. Butterfree Vmax Secret Rare ($13-15)

The cute little Butterfree is next up on the list with a price of around $13.

5. Eternatus Vmax Secret Rare ($14-18)

Eternatus is a giant Pokemon, and ever since its introduction in Pokemon sword and Sheild, fans have loved its design. And this love translates into this card’s pricing pretty well.

4. Rillaboom Secret Rare ($14-18)

You ought to get special treatment when you’re one of the three starters, and Rillaboom is probably the most unique in Sword and Sheild.

3. Salamence Vmax Secret Rare ($16-20)

For many years, salamence has been the go-to dragon Pokemon for many trainers because of its aggressive stats and bold looks. Infact players were so afraid of him that they had to ban him from competitive games at one point!

2. Capture Energy Secret Rare ($20-25)

The card on the second position is Capture Energy but don’t judge so fast; this card is an exceptional card for those who play the TCG. As it provides energy to an attached pokemon forever!

1. Charizard Vmax Ultra Rare ($60-70)

If you’re an avid collector, then this would’ve been an easy guess as the Charizard Vmax had been the chase card for this set ever since it was first released. Charizard is fierce t begin with, and this card makes it look even more menacing.

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