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Top 10 most valuable cards form Pokemon Vivid Voltage Set!


Vivid Voltage, the Pokemon TCG set released almost a year ago, is somehow still relevant. The fans especially haven’t stopped talking about it and the cards in the set are also some of the best we’ve gotten in the last couple of years.

So just like any other set, we decided to rank the ten most valuable cards from this set. The prices will be based on the current price of the card on sites like eBay and Tcgplayer. If you want the most relevant price, you can check these sites.

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With that out of the way, let’s deep dive into the list!

10. Oranguru Secret ($15-20)

We start our list with wise sage Pokemon Oranguru. The card looks unique, to say the least, because the golden color contrast really nicely with the purple Oranguru!

9. Beauty Secret Rare ($15-20)

Next up, we have the beautiful trainer, Beauty. Now that we already know she’s gorgeous, her cards should be as well, hence the high value for her beautiful card!

8. Obstagoon Secret Rare ($17-22)

The Galarian Obstagoon is one of the most loved Pokemon from the latest gen; the concept and idea behind it are just fantastic, and so is the card!

7. Pokemon Center Lady ($19-25)

The Pokemon Center Lady is one of the rarest cards in the set, so every collector is ready to pay a reasonable price to get her!

6. Bea Full Art Ultra Rare ($19-25)

Bea is one of the most popular characters in the Pokemon franchise as of now, so there’s no surprise her full art card has such a high value!

5. Bea Full Art Secret Rare ($21-28)

The Bea Full Art Secret Rare is the same as the Bea Full art but in the holographic rainbow colorway, which was enough to bump the price by a couple of dollars!

4. Nessa Full Art Ultra Rare ($20-30)

The whole art trainer cards are on a roll this time around; we have yet another one. Nessa Ultra Rare’s full art is a beautiful card with the blues in the background, worth every penny!

3. Ness Ful Art Secret Rare ($25-30)

Yes, we have yet another full art card, and it is the same as the last entry but in a rainbow colorway. Nessa was a popular character. To begin with, you give her a special treatment on a full art card, and then you add a rainbow secret rare version, the prices will rise!

2. Pikachu V Full Art ($40-60)

We finally have the POkemon, which everyone had been waiting for, the electric mouse, Pikachu. The set is called Vivid Voltage, the Pikachu had to be one of the best, and it is. Pikachu can be seen standing up in all its glory, giving off a menacing look!

1. Pikachu Vmax Secret Rare ($220-250)

The number spot is reserved for the most valuable card in the set, the Pikachu Vmax Secret Rare! The card is priced at a whopping $220; it is a crazy considerable number for a card revealed just a year ago.

The card has a simple design, yet it looks so beautiful; sometimes, there is greatness in the simplest of things!

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