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Top 10 most valuable cards from Sword and Shield Base set

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The Sword and Shield Base Set were released more than a year ago, and there still are cards in the set sold for over $50 on many marketplaces. The base set laid the groundwork for the expansion packs taht would be released in the future.

Even though it was the base site, it gave us many unique cards that hold their value today. The base sets are usually the stepping stone for what’s to come next, but the sword and shield base set was something else.

The prices shown in this list are the latest, taken from various sources and also considering the supply of these cards. If you want the most relevant pricing when reading this article, you can visit eBay or TCGplayer.com. Also the prices are for the cards in mint condition, the prices fluctuate based on the condition of the cards as well.

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the exciting stuff!

Top 10 Sword and Shield Base Set Cards

10. Professor’s Research Secret Rare ($13-15)

This professor magnolia card soon captured the attention of the collectors because of the concept behind the card. It is also a great card to start our list!

9. Snorlax Vmax Ultra Rare ($14-20)

Snorlax is a chunky Pokemon, to begin with, and the gigantamax form just turns him even chunkier! The adorable Snorlax is angry on this card, and the artworkshows snorlax’s anger!

8. Lapras Vmax Secret Rare ($14-20)

Ahh, the gentle Lapras, a Pokemon which every player would love to have on their team. The Vmax Gigantamax Lapras card was cool, to begin with, but with the holofoil colorway, it just looks splendid!

7. Air Balloon Secret Rare ($18-25)

The air balloon secret rare is a cool looking card, but it also is instrumental in battle

6. Zamazenta V Secret Rare ($28-35)

Next up, we have the Sword and Shield era icon, Zamazenta, in all its glory. Zamazenta is a prideful Pokemon, and the golden color suits him pretty well. You can even go as far as ot say this card is one of the best in the sword and shield base set.

5. Snorlax Vmax Secret Rare ($33-40)

Now we’re getting into the good stuff, the top five! The card we have first up is a familiar face, a Snorlax. It’s actually the same design as the Snorlax Vmax you saw before on the list, but in a rainbow Holofoil.

4. Marnie Secret Rare ($35-40)

Fans were pleased when a character like Marnie was added to the game; she brought a lot of personality and style. Her character is prevalent amongst fans and hence the price!

3. Zacian V Secret Rare ($38-45)

We have the other half of the legendary duo up next, the sword Pokemon, Zacian, in a similar golden colorway. The card looks impressive to say the least, the fierce Zacian staring right into your eyes, isn’t it something!

2. Quick Ball Secret Rare ($40-50)

The golden Quick Ball is the magnificent card, to say the least, plus the holofoil looks so good in person.

1. Marnie Full Art Ultra Rare ($50-60)

We have Marnie yet again on the list, this time in full art. As said earlier, Marnie is one of the most iconic characters, not just from the sword and shield era but from Pokemon in general at this point. And with her we conclude the top 10 list of the sword and sheild base set

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