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Top 10 most valuable cards from the Evolving Skies Set!

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The Evolving Set was released this year, giving us a ton of great chase cards and making it hard for us to make a small list of the most valuable. But somehow we managed to create a relevant list of the top ten cards from the Evolving Skies Set by sorting out the cards based on their current value. This way we were able to condense the cards to a list of ten!

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10. Glaceon and Sylveon V (Price – $55-65)

The first entry on the list is a tIe between two eveelutions, as their values are so similar it wasn’t possible to leave one out of the list. Apart from that, both the V cards have pretty memorable designs, which will keep them relevant for a long time.

9. Espeon V alt art (Price – $58-70)

Next up, we have the Espeon V Alt Art card. The card depicts Espeon’s psychic nature with great accuracy; the use of colors has also been handled very well, hence the high price.

8. Dragonite V alt art (Price – $80-85)

The first-gen dragon finds itself a spot on the list. Dragonite is a very popular Pokemon, to begin with, and the Alt Art card does his reputation justice.

7. Umbreon V alt art (Price – $85-100)

This prideful pose Umbreon is giving on this card is the only reason for its value. The design suits Umbreon and its nature so well that fans are ready to pay $100 just to get their hands on it!

6.  Rayquaza V alt art (Price – $90-100)

Next up, we have the sky God, Rayquza, in all its glory in Alt Art. The card may be small, but it gives us a great estimate of how big Rayquaza is. Also, this won’t be the only time you’ll see Rayquaza on the list; so guess at what place he’s going to pop up next!

5. Leafeon V max alt art (Price – $95-105)

Yes, yet another eveelution, the Evolving Skies set, has given us many great eveelution cards and we’re not complaining. The Leafeon looks pretty cute, to begin with, but its giant form looks even more adorable!

4. Glaceon V max alt art (Price – $100-110)

The Icy Glaceon is next up on the list. Glaceon seems to be oversized in this particular card, which is a trend we’ve seen throughout this article.

3. Sylveon V max alt art (Price – $120-130)

The most lovable Eveelution, Sylveon wasn’t going to miss out on all the fun. The V Max Alt Art card is easily one of the most coveted cards on this list and deserving of the 3rd spot!

2. Umbreon V max alt art (Price – $225-250)

The Umbreon V Max Alt Art card has been one of the most popular today ever since it was first revealed; Umbreon is reaching for the moon in the card, and so is its value! Fans are growing crazy for this dark-type Pokemon.

1. Rayquaza V max alt art (Price – $225-275)

Did you get it right? The number one, most valuable card in the Evolving Skies Set is the Rayquaza V Max Alt Art card. The card is being sold for $250 on many websites, which is just a crazy big number for a modern Pokemon Card! The card is legendary to day the least; it has everything going for it; the art style, the colors, the background especially comes together seamlessly, giving us this masterpiece.

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