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Top 10 most valuable cards from Pokemon Shining Fates!

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Pokemon Shining Fates Expansion is a rather new set of cards that were released this year. Though the expansion pack has been out for quite a while now, there is still are a significant amount of cards that are worth a lot on the market.

It is one of the most hyped-up expansion packs of this year which included phenomenal artwork on some of the cards. There still are some cards that are getting sold for more than $200 from this pack!

This is a list of the ten most valuable cards from the expansion pack and the prices have been depicted based on the current value in the market and also taken into account the supply and demand of the cards, If you want the most relevant card price you can check them on eBay or on TCGplayer.com alternatively.

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With that out the way, let’s jump straight into it!

Top 10 most valuable cards from Pokemon Shining Fates!

10. Galarian Ponyta Shiny Holo Rare ($6-15)

There isn’t a better way to start our than with the precious little Galarian Ponyta. The Pokemon is one of the cutest in the region of Galar hence the value of the card!

9. Eternatus Vmax Shiny Holo Rare ($7-10)

Eternatus is a monstrosity, the size of this Pokemon is just unbelievable. The design is cool too, and when you add this sick gold and black colorway to it, you get a badass Pokemon card!

8. Eternatus V Shiny Holo Rare ($7-10)

Next up we have yet another Eternatus in the same colorway as before but in a different pose, that’s the reason for similar pricing on both these cards!

7.  Ditto Vmax Shiny Holo Rare ($9-15)

The ditto card doesn’t have the best artwork, but the ditto on the card is enough to increase the price as it is a shiny ditto.

6. Galarian Rapidash Shiny Holo Rare($11-20)

We started our list with the Galarian Ponyta, and we have the Galarian Rapidash on the list as well. And rightfully so, if the Ponyta was cute, the Rapidash is an elegant pony that any trainer would be lucky to have on their team and in their collection of Pokemon shining fates!

5.  Inteleon Shiny Holo Rare ($15-20)

The smirky Inteleon is next up on this list with a badass pose and some great artwork even though it is a normal card.

4.  Drizzile Shiny Holo Rare ($20-25)

The Sobble line in Pokemon Sw/Sh is one of the coolest the franchise has seen. All the three evolutions of the Pokemon signify a stage in its journey, and hence their popularity in the Pokemon Shining Fates expansion.

3.  Skyla Full Art ($22-28)

The Skyla Full Art Trainer is the only full art trainer on this list of the most valuable cards from Pokemon Shining Fates. The card boasts some great artwork and good use of colors.

2. Suicune ($25-30)

Suicune is a beloved legendary, to begin with, and if you add the shiny version of it to the card, the fans ought to go berserk to get their hands on it!

1. Charizard Vmax Shiny Holo Rare ($150-200)

This Charizard Vmax is the face of the Shining Fates expansion pack, and it is undeniably the best one from the pack as well. The prices for this card were through the roof when it was first revealed, and still is pretty costly!

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