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Top 10 most valuable cards from Pokemon Champion’s Path!

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Pokemon Champion’s Path is an extraordinary expansion pack released on 25th September 2020 and included a lot of great cards that were added to the expansion out of the blue. No one expected to see cards like the Shiny Charizard V to be a part of this set, but they added it!

The set has a lot of chase cards in it; at the time of the release, there was a lot of hype surrounding the Charizard V and the Chazizard Vmax.

In this list, we’ll look at the top ten most valuable cards from the unprecedented expansion based on their current market value, which you can check by visiting tscgplayer.com or eBay.

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So without wasting any more time, let’s get into it!

Top 10 most valuable cards from Pokemon Champion’s Path

10. Suspicious Food Tin Secret Rare ($3-5)

We start off our list with the Suspicious Food Tin, which really is suspicious as it beat out the Lucario V and Gardevoir V full art to the number 10th position!

9. Drednaw Vmax Ultra Rare ($4-8)

Dreadnaw was one of the first Pokemon that were revealed for the Sword and Sheild game. Hence it has been popular Pokemon to have. This Vmax card boasts some great artwork, and hence it’s mention on the list.

8. Gardevoir Vmax Ultra Rare ($4-8)

The graceful Gardevoir finds itself in the 8th position with this beautiful Vmax card. The card was one of the most coveted cards from the Champion’s path expansion!

7. Kabu Secret Rare ($5-10)

Trainer cards have been popular ever since their introduction, so the Kabu card being so high up on the list isn’t surprising at all.

6. Alcremie Vmax Ultra Rare ($5-10)

The Alcremie Vmax is one of a kind in its artwork. The gigantamax version of the Pokemon has to be the most unique in the generation.

5. Piers Secret Rare ($6-12)

Piers is a cool-looking character, and this Rainbow colorway does justice to his image!

4. Drednaw Vmax Secret Rare ($10-15)

We have yet another Drednaw on the list, similar to the first one. Still, it is in a rainbow colorway this time around, bumping its rarity and price in the process!

3. Gardevoir Vmax Secret Rare ($11-17)

Gardevoir finds itself in the 3rd position with a similar card but in the rainbow colorway. Just like the Drednaw from 4th position, the Gardevoir Vmax also got a bump in price and rarity once it went rainbow in the Champion’s path expansion!

2. Charizard V Secret Rare ($185-200)

The set’s crown jewel was the Charizard V for a long time; though it is not anymore, it still is one of the best cards to come out in the TCG for a while.

1. Charizard Vmax Secret Rare ($190-200)

Charizard Vmax is the card that beat Charizard V to become the crown jewel of the set, with prices floating around $200 at writing the article.

The Charizard Vmax is so popular that we’ve already seen reprints in different expansion packs, but that didn’t let the price of this bad boy go down, and it won’t be going anytime soon!

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