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Top 10 most valuable cards from Pokemon Celebrations Collection!

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Pokemon is celebrating’s its 25th anniversary in style; from new collection sets for the TCG to new and improved games, the franchise has everything covered.

The Pokemon Celebration’s Collection Set has some of the most unique cards we’ve seen in a while. The set features a lot of reprints of great cards from the past and new and unique ones.

Today we’ll be ranking the ton ten most valuable cards from the set. Now keep in mind that not all products have been opened by the fans as a lot of these products are still in transit and yet to reach their destination.

So currently, there is a small supply of every card in the market; as time passes, more and more cards will start popping up, driving the prices down. So the price points in this list might vary depending upon the time you’re reading this post.

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Apart from that, the price points have been taken from tcgplayer.com and eBay, so you can visit these sites for the most relevant price. With that out of the way, let’ get into it!

Top 10 most valuable cards from Pokemon Celebrations Collection

10. Tapu Lele GX ($15-17)

We start our list with the adorable Tapu Lele GX, which boasts impressive artwork and color combinations!

9. Birthday Pikachu ($17-20)

Next up, we have the birthday Pikachu. Not many know this but, the reason for having Pikachu as the central theme for the 25th anniversary is that Pikachu’s Pokedex number is 25! Hence Pikachu cards got some extra love this time around.

8. Blastoise Base Set($20)

The base set cards are some of the most iconic in the TCG. Blastoise Base Set reprint certainly has been doing huge numbers since its release in Pokemon Celebrations.

7. Venusaur Base Set ($20)

After Blastoise, we have the grass starter from the Kanto region, Venusaur Base Set. Just like the Blastoise, the Venusaur base set is also trendy in the community.

6. MRayquaza EX ($20-25)

Rayquaza manages to be on every list possible, thank its classic design! This MRayquaza EX is one of the best-looking cards from Pokemon Celebrations.

5. Shiny Magikarp ($30)

Many call it trash, but Magikarp still holds a place in every Pokemon fan’s heart for its derpy splash attack. Hence it enters the top 5!

4. Shiny Mew ($65-70)

The shiny mew card is probably the best Mew card we’ve seen in the TCG, it has a great background, and the shiny form just pops out of the card.

3. Gold Star Umbreon ($80-85)

Umbreon is the face of dar type Pokemon, and when it gets good artwork, it becomes valuable.

2. Pikachu Celebrations Metal Card ($70-90)

Next up were have an unusual entry, a metal card. These metal cards are more robust than regular TCG cards and look even better. Hence the card is going for such high prices.


1. Charizard Base Set Metal card($170-200)/Charizard Base set ($100-120)

We have a tie between two similar cards for the first spot, the Charizard base set and the Charizard base set metal card.

Just like the Pikachu, this Charizard base set metal card also is pretty cool looking is being sold for a lot of money.

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