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Top 10 most valuable cards from Pokemon Brilliant Stars!

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The Brilliant Stars expansion is here, sending shockwaves across the TCG community. Especially the V Star cards, which are a new addition to the TCG. The expansion is the first one this year, and it has undoubtedly given us a lot of great cards already.

This blog post will be counting down the Top 10 most valuable cards from Pokemon Brilliant Stars. The list has taken the pieces of the cars from multiple sites, but still, the prices might differ a bit.

That being said, the price might differ, but the overall ranking will most likely stay the same. 

10. Galarian Moltres V (Secret)

The fierce Galarian Moltres looks even more mighty in this Golden Variant of the card. The value it holds currently is $30

9. Sylveon V Max

Sylveon is one of the most popular Eeveelutions out there and the strongest. The card does justice to its appeal by illustrating the Pokemon in an almost enchanting way. The trainer Valerie also makes an appearance, which only adds to its beauty. The card is being sold for anywhere between $25-30!

8. Lumineon V Alternate Full Art

When the expansion, no one thought that the Lumineon Alternate art would hold such a high value, but here we are. It is an underdog in this list and kudos to the artists who illustrated this magnificent card sold for $30.

7. Marnie’s Pride Full Art

Marnie is one of the best-written characters in any Pokemon gams. She is loved by the community, and this card makes her appeal even stronger. The artwork on the card is clean and looks good enough to give it a value of $30.

6. Umbreon V Max

The eeveelution that hunts in the dark has one of the best track records in the history of the TCG. The Umbreon cards are very well made, and this one is yer another addition to that growing list. This beautiful card is valued at $38.

5. Charizard V Full Art

Charizard made a comeback with multiple cards in this expansion, and the V full art is just one of them. The card is being sold for $40.

4. Arceus V Star 

The Arceus V Star will always stay relevant as it was one of the first V Star cards to be released. The card has two other variants in the expansion, the Secret Rainbow Rare, and the Secret Golden Rare. The Golden card is valued at $60

3. Arceus V Alternate Full Art

This Arceus card is one of the best we’ve seen in a while. The illustration on it is magnificent, plus it is an alternate art card which has made its value increase to $70.

2. Charizard V Star (Secret)

The Arceus V Star isn’t the only V Star card in the expansion; the Charizard V star is yet another V Star card. The Rainbow variant of this card is the most valued moment, with a crazy price of $180.

1. Charizard V Alternate Full Art

Thanks to its brilliant illustration, this Charizard card will be remembered for years to come. The card also features a Venusaur battling the Charizard in a volcano!

Since the initial release, the card’s value has skyrocketed and is now sitting at a whopping $200!

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