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The top 10 most valuable cards from the Pokemon Chilling Reign!

pokemon chilling reign
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With over 190 cards, Pokemon Chilling Reign was one extensive set; it also gave some absolutely legendary Pokemon TCG cards, which will be remembered for a long time, especially the Alternate Art cards that have been really popular this year.

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Today, we’ll rank the top 10 most valuable cards from the Pokemon Chilling Reign Set based on their current value and market supply; the card’s design and long-term potential will also be considered. To know the exact price of the card, you can check out sites like eBay and With that out of the way, let’s start with our list!

10. Shadow Rider Calyrex Vmax ( $40-75)

We start off our list with the Shadow Rider Calyrex Vmax rainbow rare. The card is the most expensive rainbow rare in the Pokemon Chilling Reign Set. Rightfully so, Calyrex, in its combined form, is one of the most unique Pokemon from sword and shield.

9. Shadow Rider Calyrex V Alt Art ($50-80)

The Shadow Rider Calyrex snatches yet another spot on the list with this great V alternate art card. The Shadow rider Calyrex can be seen in a misty forest on the card which is very similar to the area where its seen in the Sword and Sheild games

8. Zeraora V Alt Art ($65-70)

Zeraora is one of the most popular Pokemon from the sun and moon era, so it was bound to be a popular card from the get-go. But this alternate art card made it even better with the great artwork.

7. Galarian Articuno V Alt Art ($65-75)

The Galarian Articuno is very much an upgrade from Kanto’s Articuno, the Galrain Articuno is a badass psychic/ice type Pokemon. The Alt Art card does justice to the prideful nature of Articuno, the bird is seen giving a great pose in front of a full moon backdrop, just amazing!

6. Ice Rider Calyrex Vmax secret rare ($60-75)

We have yet another Calyrex card on the list, this time the Ice Rider Calyrex Vmax secret rare. The name is quite a mouthful, and there is a lot happening in the card as well, but somehow it looks good!. Because of Sword and Sheild being such a recent game, the cards with Calyrex on them are bound to be priced higher

5. Galarian Zapdos V Alt Art ($65-109)

Galarian Zapdos is the rad version of the original bird. But unlike the Kanto variant, Galarian Zapdos seems to like running a lot. The alt art card for Zapdos has taken some inspiration from the roadrunner with the art style and the background being very similar to that of the cartoon.

4. Galarian moltres V Alt Art ( $110-155)

To complete the legendary trio, we have, probably the best out of the three birds, the Galarian Moltres in all its glory. The artist who designed this card deserves all the praise in the world!

3. Gold Snorlax ($120-150)

In the midst of all these alt art and rainbow rares, the Golden Snorlax finds a spot. As of now, the card is worth more than $120!

2. Shadow Rider Calyrex Vmax secret rare ($110-130)

The Shadow Rider Calyrex Vmax Secret Rare is the best Shadow Rider card of the Pokemon Chilling Reign Set and hence the price!

1. Blaziken Vmax Alt Art ($125-180)

Blaziken is one of the best fire starters of all time and it has taken inspiration from martial arts. So when the artists decided to take inspiration from Blazikens roots once again, they were able to deliver this amazing piece of art!

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