Top 10 Chase Cards From Pokemon 151

Top 10 chase cards from Pokemon 151

Pokémon 151 is just a hop, skip, and jump away, and let me tell you, the excitement is soaring high! Collectors are practically doing cartwheels in anticipation of reuniting with the original Pokemon in Pokemon 151.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen this crew all together, and guess what? The Pokemon 151 expansion is like a cozy little nook for new collectors. It’s a smaller set, so you can actually achieve the magnificent feat of collecting every single one.

But hold onto your Pikachu hats! What if you’re all about that cream of the crop? No worries, we’ve got your back, my friend. Behold, the pièce de résistance – the top 10 chase cards from the Pokémon 151 set. Get ready to ooh and aah!

10. Nidoking Illustration Rare

Picture this: a stunning full-art Nidoking, chillin’ in its natural habitat. These kinds of full-art cards are like gold, my friends!

9. Dragonair Illustration Rare

Up next, we’ve got a graceful Dragonair, taking a serene swim by an ancient-looking water temple. The Dragonair crew is kind of a big deal – they’re like Pokémon royalty. Maybe the temple was built just for them! Cards that spin tales like this are total hits in the community.

8. Daisy’s Assistance Full Art

Look who’s here! It’s the first of many full-art character cards on our list. Meet Daisy, the big sis of Gary (or Blue) and the right hand to Professor Oak.

7. Erika’s Invitation Full Art

Oh, memories! Battling against Erika and her leafy team – who can forget? She was the plant-loving Gym Leader, and let’s be real, we all picked Charmander to torch her team. Her Pokémon might not have been the brawniest, but Erika’s got a special place in our hearts and in the Pokemon 151 expansion.

6. Alakazam Special

Alakazam is stepping into the spotlight with a rare card. It’s been ages since we had a standout Alakazam card. Get ready, ’cause this one’s gonna blow up. Alakazam is like the Hercules of non-legendary Kanto Pokémon.

5. Erika’s Invitation Full Art Special

Surprise, it’s Erika again! This time, she’s gracing us with an even more awesome illustration. Cards with cool gals on ’em always fly off the shelves. That’s why we’ve got not one, but two Erika cards on this list.

4. Zapdos ex Special

Zooming in like a bolt of lightning, it’s Zapdos! The speedster of Kanto Pokémon, and guess what? The card’s a full-art masterpiece. That’s a double win!

3. Venusaur ex Special

Now, let’s welcome one of the OG starters: Venusaur. This card totally captures the chill vibe of Viridian Forest. It’s like taking a forest stroll right on the card.

2. Blastoise ex Special

Taking the penultimate spot is Blastoise – no surprises there! Top three, baby! This list is like a starter showdown.

1. Charizard ex Special

And drumroll, please! In the number one spot, we’ve got the TCG superstar: Charizard. Every set with a Charizard is like a jackpot waiting to happen. Including this fiery fella was a total no-brainer!

So there you have it, the top 10 gems from the Pokémon 151 set.

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