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Top 10 chase cards from Pokemon 151
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Pokémon 151: As the name suggests, this set will feature the infamous original 151 — the very ones that started it all. Hence the name Pokemon 151. Remember the 151 Pokémon from the original anime? That’s right, the ones we encountered alongside Ash and his legendary Pikachu. And who could forget the iconic 151 Pokémon from the Pokémon rap? Well, they’re all here!

The Japanese set has already been released, and now we eagerly await the English version of Pokémon 151, which is scheduled for release on September 22nd. There’s so much to delve into with this set, so let’s dive right in without any further delay!

A Return to the Classics

The Pokémon 151 Expansion Pack goes back to its roots by featuring cards exclusively for the original 151 Pokémon. This set will comprise a total of 160+ cards, which is a fantastic number.

For the first time in years, we would actually have a chance to complete the entire set. With the frequent release of sets containing 200-300 cards, it has often seemed impossible to complete a set. However, this time around, you might just be able to achieve it.


Pokemon 151 might showcase a clever gimmick by reintroducing the original 151 Pokemon. However, it remains another modern Pokemon set and therefore will include all the typical features of a standard Pokemon release.

This means you can anticipate the availability of booster packs, booster boxes, and the usual offerings like Elite Trainer Boxes and collectible tins.

Moreover, the collection boxes, which come with oversized cards, present two distinct options: the Zapdos box and the Alakazam box. It has been quite some time since we last saw Alakazam in the Trading Card Game (TCG).

In fact, this set will encompass the entire Abra evolution line, a rarity we haven’t experienced in the TCG for several years.

Chase Cards

In this section, we will present to you the most highly anticipated cards within the community at the moment. These cards are poised to become the most popular selections from the set, offering a substantial return if you’re fortunate enough to obtain them.

While these cards are currently circulating in Japanese versions, their inclusion in the English set has been confirmed. Regrettably, the English images for these cards have not yet been released.


In closing, Pokémon 151 takes us back to where it all began—the legendary original 151 Pokémon that ignited our passion for these creatures. From our nostalgic encounters with Ash and his iconic Pikachu to the memorable verses of the Pokémon rap, these beloved creatures are making a triumphant return.

With the Japanese release already behind us, anticipation builds for the English version of Pokémon 151, slated for launch on September 22nd. The journey ahead is brimming with excitement, inviting us to immerse ourselves without delay.

This expansion marks a reconnection with the classics, as it solely features the cherished original 151 Pokémon. Boasting over 160 cards, this collection offers a rare opportunity to finally complete an entire set, a feat that has seemed daunting in the era of massive card releases. The allure of the original lineup draws us in, and this time, completing the set is a realistic ambition.

Product offerings are in line with contemporary releases, blending the nostalgic with the modern.

The journey back to the original 151 Pokémon is upon us. As we count down to the English release, the thrill intensifies, promising a fusion of nostalgia and new beginnings in the world of Pokémon.

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