The Art Of Pokemon: Charizard ex from Pokemon 151

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The Charizard ex card is a part of the Pokémon 151 expansion set, set to release in the final week of September. This expansion is going to feature all 151 Pokémon from the original anime series – the Pokémon that kicked off this whole incredible journey.

The Pokémon community is buzzing with excitement, and there’s no doubt this set is going to be a huge hit.

Especially when you consider the number of cards it has, which is less than 170, making it a perfect choice for collectors looking for a manageable set to complete.

Now, let’s dive into the Charizard ex! We’ll explore its origins, share some fun trivia, talk about what the illustration on the card tells us, and most importantly, discuss its potential value.


Charizard’s origins trace back to Pokémon’s beginnings. It starts as Charmander, a small and adorable lizard-like Pokémon with a flame-tipped tail. As it evolves, Charizard becomes a majestic Fire/Flying-type cr

eature, known for its fierce power and commanding presence. Its name is derived from “char” (to burn) and “lizard,” capturing its fiery nature and dragon-like appearance.


Charizard is a treasure trove of trivia! In the Pokémon world, it’s often referred to as the Flame Pokémon because of the intense flames that burn on its tail.

Those flames are so hot that they can melt boulders. Charizard’s popularity soared over the years, leading to special events in games like Pokémon GO.

Additionally, there are a few other Charizard cards in the set, that look even better!


The illustration on the Charizard ex card is a visual masterpiece. It depicts Charizard in a fiery rage, with embers from its flames spreading across the card.

This artwork conveys that while Charizard may have a cool exterior, it’s a fierce force in battle, capable of burning opponents to a crisp.


Predicting future card prices can be challenging, but we can make an educated guess. Given Charizard’s enduring popularity and its prominent role in this expansion, it’s reasonable to expect that this card could reach a value of around $20-30.

Collectors and competitive players alike will likely seek to add this scorching card to their Pokémon TCG collections.

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