The Art Of Pokemon: Venusaur ex from Pokemon 151

Venusaur ex
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Pokemon 151 is creating quite a buzz as it approaches release, and the reason behind all the excitement is crystal clear—it features all 151 of the original Pokemon!

These are the very creatures that first captured our hearts and transformed Pokemon into the colossal franchise it is today. Now, while the Pokemon 151 set won’t be bursting at the seams with cards (after all, there are only 151 Pokemon to work with), this is fantastic news for those who aim to catch ’em all.

Within this set, one card stands out from the pack: Venusaur ex. Even before its official release, it’s already causing quite a stir. So, join us on this deep dive into the card: its origins, some delightful trivia, the captivating artwork, and, perhaps most importantly, an educated guess at its potential price tag.

Stay with us for the full scoop!


Venusaur ex

Venusaur, a beloved Pokemon, calls the Kanto region home. It starts its journey as a Bulbasaur, evolves into Ivysaur, and finally blossoms into the majestic Venusaur we all know and love.

This creature is the original grass-type starter from Kanto, famous for the distinctive flower gracing its back.

This flower isn’t just for show; it harnesses solar energy, which Venusaur uses not only to power itself but also to occasionally unleash on any unsuspecting Pokemon that dare cross its path.


Here’s a fun tidbit: did you know that the early Pokemon designs drew inspiration from animals commonly kept as pets by Japanese kids or creatures they weren’t afraid of?

These sources of inspiration included frogs, beetles, salamanders, mice, and more. Our Venusaur, right here, takes its cues from the world of frogs—an interesting leap, isn’t it?


Venusaur ex

Take a moment to admire Venusaur ex, dynamically displaying one of its formidable moves—the vine whip! You might even notice a subtle glow emanating from those vines, likely the stored energy Venusaur has accumulated in its flower over time.

This artwork masterfully showcases Venusaur’s capabilities. The art style beautifully echoes the well-received “Let’s Go Pikachu” game, a nod that’s sure to delight fans everywhere.


Predicting the exact price of a card can be as challenging as catching elusive Pokemon, but we’re here to offer an educated estimate. By analyzing the trends of similar cards, we’re aiming for a bullseye prediction.

So, what about our trusty Venusaur? Is it valued at $10, $20, or maybe even $30? Well, it’s a bit of a puzzle. There’s a rarer Venusaur card in the set, the special rare variant and that’s sure to influence the price of this one. With that in mind, we’re putting its pre-release value at a reasonable $15.

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