The Art Of Pokemon: Snorlax Promo from Pokemon 151

snorlax promo

Get ready to snooze your way into the world of Pokémon with the Snorlax promo card from the Pokémon 151 expansion!

The Set features a plethora of great cards, one of which happens to be the Snorlax promo. We’re here to delve deeper into its origins, share some fun trivia, discuss the illustration, and, most importantly, explore its projected value!

While it might not be an official member of the original 151, this promo card is set to make a big splash and bring back waves of nostalgia.


Let’s take a journey into the origins of Snorlax. This big, lovable Pokémon has quite the backstory. Known for its insatiable appetite and propensity for blocking paths in the Pokémon games, Snorlax embodies the concept of “eat now, sleep later.”

Snorlax’s origins lie in its penchant for snoozing anywhere and everywhere, often causing headaches for trainers trying to navigate through the Kanto region.

Its reputation as a gentle giant who just wants some good shut-eye has endeared it to Pokémon fans worldwide.


In the original Pokémon Red and Blue games, players had to awaken the slumbering Snorlax blocking their path by playing the Poké Flute.


snorlax promo

Now, let’s talk about the heartwarming illustration on the Snorlax promo card. This card is an absolute gem in terms of artwork and space utilization. As a full-art card, it immediately stands out as one of the best-looking cards in the set.

The illustration paints a serene picture of Snorlax, snoozing soundly in the heart of a lush jungle—just as it’s known to do. What adds an extra layer of sweetness is the Pidgey perched atop Snorlax.

It’s these small, thoughtful details that make the Pokémon world feel alive and interconnected. In a world where Pokémon interact like this, it’s easy to believe in the magic of these creatures.


While Snorlax might be the poster child for laziness in the Pokémon universe, it’s also an undeniable fan favorite. This big, snuggly Pokémon has won the hearts of trainers and fans alike.

So, what does this mean for the value of the Snorlax promo card? Well, it’s safe to say that the card’s value is likely to rise once its supply starts to dwindle. But there’s more to it—this card shares some similarities with the most expensive modern Snorlax card, the Team Up GX card featuring Snorlax and Eevee.

While it’s not a Team Up card, it does showcase Snorlax alongside a smaller Pokémon. This unique combo might catch the eye of collectors and enthusiasts, potentially driving up demand.

As for a price prediction, we’re looking at a range of $40 to $50, but keep in mind that this is subject to deviations based on the ever-changing Pokémon market.

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