The Art Of Pokemon: Mew ex Promo from Pokemon 151

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Get ready for some Mew-sical excitement as Mew ex, the ultimate Pokémon legend, takes center stage in the Pokémon 151 expansion!

While it might not be part of the official 151, this promo card is set to make waves and give fans a taste of nostalgia like never before.


Let’s dive into the mystical origins of Mew. This Pokémon isn’t your typical pocket monster; it’s the stuff of legends. Mew is often considered a “God Pokémon” because it’s believed to be the ancestor of all other Pokémon species.

It’s said to possess the DNA of every Pokémon, making it incredibly versatile and capable of learning any move. Mew’s enigmatic origins are shrouded in mystery, adding to its allure and fascination.


Now, let’s unravel some trivia about Mew that might leave you awestruck. Did you know that Mew was the first Pokémon to have its existence officially revealed through a Nintendo event?

It was a game-changing moment in the Pokémon world that left fans buzzing with excitement. Mew’s ability to learn any move in the game has earned it a reputation as a versatile and unpredictable opponent in battles.

This elusive Pokémon has captured the hearts of trainers and researchers alike, thanks to its ability to adapt and thrive in various environments.


Mew ex promo

Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing illustration on the Mew ex promo card. This artwork is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a shame (a delightful one, though) that this card is a promo because the illustration is a real showstopper.

Mew, the harbinger of all Pokémon life, is portrayed with a childlike innocence that tugs at your heartstrings. The vivid and expansive illustration fills the entire card, allowing the creative artists to work their magic.

Mew’s playful interaction with the children in the artwork captures the essence of this legendary Pokémon, as both a symbol of purity and the source of all Pokémon life.


Now, the question on everyone’s minds—what’s the value of this magnificent Mew ex card? Well, that’s a bit of a mystery itself. Several factors come into play here. For one, there’s another full art Mew card in the set, but it doesn’t quite match the sheer awesomeness of this promo card’s illustration.

The catch, though, is that this Mew ex is a promo, which means it won’t be part of regular booster packs. This exclusivity can drive up the card’s value, especially once these promo products become scarce.

While it’s challenging to predict an exact price, an educated guess would put it in the range of $20 to $30, or possibly even higher, depending on demand and availability.

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