The Art Of Pokemon: Mew ex Hyper Rare From Pokemon 151

mew ex hyper rare
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The Mew EX Hyper Rare is a part of the Pokemon 151 expansion, which features all the original 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region in one set.

Since the original Pokemon are arguably the most popular bunch, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the cards in this set.

One of these cards is the Mew EX Hyper Rare, and today, we’re here to decipher why. We’ll delve into its origins, share some trivia, discuss its illustration, and finally, reveal its value. Let’s get started!


Mew’s origins are shrouded in mystery and intrigue, mirroring its enigmatic nature within the Pokémon world. Believed to be the ancestor of all Pokémon, Mew’s genetic makeup holds the keys to the diversity of the entire Pokémon species.

Its ability to transform and adapt, combined with its elusive presence in the early games, adds to the allure and fascination surrounding this mythical creature.


Mew was initially conceived by the game’s creator, Satoshi Tajiri, as a secret Pokémon. It was meant to be so rare that most players would never encounter it. But the allure of Mew was too strong, and it eventually became a beloved icon of the Pokémon world.

And if you thought Mew’s cuteness was limited to its appearance, think again. Mew is known for its playful nature, often popping up unexpectedly and pulling pranks on trainers. This mischievous side adds a whole new layer of charm to this legendary Pokémon.


mew ex hyper rare

So, what’s the deal with Mew ex Hyper Rare? Well, it’s the crown jewel of the 151 Expansion Pack. And boy, does it deserve the spotlight! This card showcases Mew in all its glory against a radiant gold backdrop. It’s like Mew decided to step into the limelight, and we’re here for it!

Mew, with its elegant design and playful charm, looks even more enchanting in this full gold setting. The card’s golden aura makes Mew appear as if it’s right there with you, ready to sprinkle some magic into your Pokémon battles.


As of this moment, the Mew ex Hyper Rare card is flying high at an approximate price of $30 on various reseller sites. And you know what? It’s well-deserved! There aren’t many other Mew cards out there competing for this level of prestige.

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