The Art Of Pokemon: Giovanni Special from Pokemon 151

Giovanni Special

The Giovanni Special is a part of the Pokémon 151 expansion, which features the original 150 Pokémon from the Kanto region. This has everyone excited to collect every single card from the expansion.

The set boasts a multitude of great cards, one of which is the Giovanni Special. In today’s article, we will delve into the origins of this card, share some fun trivia, discuss its illustration, and, most importantly, attempt to predict its value!


Let’s delve into the origins of Giovanni, the enigmatic boss of Team Rocket. Giovanni is the cunning and ruthless leader of one of the most notorious criminal organizations in the Pokémon world.

With a charismatic and manipulative personality, he has the uncanny ability to control even the sharpest minds. His position as the head of Team Rocket makes him a formidable antagonist in the Pokémon games and anime.

Giovanni’s character is known for his sharp wit, impeccable style, and the ever-present Persian by his side, making him a truly iconic villain in the Pokémon franchise.


Now, here’s some intriguing trivia about Giovanni that might surprise you! Did you know that Giovanni’s Japanese name is “Sakaki,” named after a famous Japanese real estate developer known for his ruthless business tactics?

It’s a fitting homage to Giovanni’s cunning nature. Additionally, Giovanni’s character has undergone significant development in the Pokémon games and anime.

In some story arcs, he has temporarily allied himself with the player character to combat greater threats. This complexity adds depth to his character and keeps fans guessing about his true intentions.


Giovanni Special

The Giovanni Special card offers a grand glimpse into the world of this infamous character. Giovanni is dressed impeccably, exuding an air of authority and menace.

His Persian, with its sinister expression, adds to the card’s aura of villainy. The illustration masterfully captures Giovanni’s personality, showing him deep in thought as he plots his next nefarious scheme within the comfort of his opulent mansion.

It’s a card that screams “Mafia Boss” and encapsulates the essence of Giovanni’s character. This full-art supporter card is sure to turn heads and become a prized possession for collectors.


Now, let’s talk about the value of the Giovanni Special card. While it may not reach astronomical heights, it certainly has its appeal. Previous Giovanni cards may have had different illustrations, but this one stands out as a unique representation of the character.

Additionally, the fact that this expansion features all the original 151 Pokémon adds to its allure.

While we exercise caution in estimating its value, we believe this card could resell for around $10-15, considering its distinctive design and the nostalgia associated with the original Pokémon.

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