The Art Of Pokemon: Alakazam ex from Pokemon 151

Alakazam ex

Introducing Alakazam ex, one of the best cards from the upcoming Pokémon 151 expansion set, a delightful addition to the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) that’s set to take us on a nostalgic journey back to where it all began.


Alakazam, the extraordinary Psychic-type Pokémon, has a captivating origin story. This mystical creature traces its roots back to the ancient days of the Kanto region.

Its previous forms, Abra and Kadabra, are known for their remarkable psychic abilities. What sets Alakazam apart is its evolution, requiring a trade to unlock its full potential.

This trade evolution is symbolic, representing the growth and transformation of a Pokémon, adding depth to its origins.

Alakazam were so powerful in Kanto that Gamefreak had to step in and reduce their power in the next generations!


Now, let’s dive into some enchanting trivia about Alakazam that will leave even the most dedicated Pokémon enthusiasts astounded.

Did you know that Alakazam boasts an astonishing IQ of 5,000? It’s considered one of the most intelligent Pokémon in the entire franchise. Those distinctive spoons it wields aren’t just for show; they’re actually an extension of its psychic power.

Alakazam’s brainpower is so immense that it can memorize everything it has experienced, making it a living encyclopedia of knowledge.


Alakazam ex

Now, let’s take a closer look at the illustration featured on the Alakazam ex card.

The spoons are at the main helm of the illustration, those iconic spoons are a symbol of pure energy, conjured by Alakazam’s psychic abilities. They play a vital role in Alakazam’s character and are integral to its identity. As you gaze at the illustration, you’ll notice that the spoons appear to radiate energy, emphasizing the potent psychic force at Alakazam’s disposal.

With its piercing gaze, Alakazam seems poised to hypnotize anyone who dares to look. While this illustration might not be the most groundbreaking, it masterfully encapsulates Alakazam’s essence, which is exactly what fans desire.

Alakazam may not use its hands as much as its psychic abilities, but that’s precisely what makes this illustration so fitting.


Now, the burning question on every collector’s mind: What’s the anticipated market value of Alakazam ex? While we can’t predict the future with certainty (we’re not Alakazam), we can make an educated guess based on several factors.

Alakazam has a storied history in the world of Pokémon. It was once considered one of the strongest Pokémon in Kanto, captivating the hearts of fans worldwide. However, its popularity has experienced some fluctuations over the years. In the Pokémon TCG, Alakazam has had moments of glory, but it has also faced periods of relative obscurity.

With the Pokémon 151 expansion set, there’s renewed excitement as it marks the first time in a while that the entire Abra evolutionary line is reunited in one set. This reunification could potentially breathe new life into Alakazam’s appeal.

Taking all these factors into account, our educated estimate places the predicted value of Alakazam ex in the range of $10 to $15. However, the final value will ultimately depend on various market dynamics, collector preferences, and the evolving Pokémon TCG landscape.

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