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The Art Of ‘What Is A Symbol’ From My Hero Academia Universus

What Is A Symbol
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The “What is a Symbol” card has taken the My Hero Academia card game by storm, and for good reason – it beautifully weaves a tale of two of the greatest heroes ever known. This card doesn’t just tell a story; it captures a moment of profound significance, making it incredibly popular.

Let’s shine a spotlight on this gem by exploring its origins, sharing some trivia, dissecting the illustration, and discussing its current value.

Buckle up, heroes and heroines, because we’re diving straight into it!


all might

The narrative of “What is a Symbol” revolves around the intricate relationship between two iconic heroes, Endeavor and All Might. Endeavor, fueled by a burning desire to surpass All Might, finds himself in a pivotal moment where he becomes the number one hero in all of Japan. However, this accomplishment isn’t a mere award; it comes with immense pressure.

Now, he shoulders the responsibility of being a symbol of hope for everyone. The card captures the transition of power and the weight that comes with it, adding layers of depth to the characters’ intertwined destinies.


Delving into some captivating trivia, Endeavor and All Might bring distinct quirks to the table. Endeavor’s Hellflame quirk allows him to generate and control intense flames, making him a force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, All Might’s One For All quirk grants him incredible strength and speed.

These quirks not only define their heroic identities but also contribute to the intricate dance between the two characters.


What Is A Symbol

The “What is a Symbol” card presents an evocative illustration – two legendary heroes, Endeavor and All Might, seated in contemplation. This moment marks a significant turning point for Endeavor as he steps into the role of Japan’s top hero.

The simplicity of the illustration enhances its storytelling power, allowing the viewer to grasp the weight of the situation. Endeavor, now the symbol of hope, faces the daunting task of living up to the expectations thrust upon him.

It’s a visual narrative that speaks volumes about the heroes’ journey and the burdens they carry.


Now, let’s talk about the current value of this sought-after card. As of this blog post, “What is a Symbol” is fetching over $10 on various reseller sites, a testament to its widespread appeal among collectors.

The combination of a compelling narrative, iconic characters, and a visually striking design contributes to its desirability. Expect the value to persist, given the inherent coolness factor of this unique and emotionally charged card.

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