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The Art Of Turn It Up Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

turn it up
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The Turn It Up Promo has landed in the My Hero Academia Universus promo set, putting the spotlight on the one and only Voice Hero, Present Mic. I can practically hear his booming voice in my mind just at the mention of his name – that’s how iconic he is!

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into what makes this card special, exploring its origins, checking out the fun trivia, dissecting the lively illustration, and, of course, delving into the burning question on everyone’s mind: what’s the potential value? Let’s dive right in!


present mic

Present Mic, or Hizashi Yamada, is the man behind the voice that echoes throughout the MHA universe. His journey is rooted in a passion for communication and an unwavering dedication to mentoring the next generation of heroes. The Turn It Up card manages to encapsulate the very essence of Present Mic’s character, capturing his lively and boisterous personality.


Now, let’s unravel some intriguing trivia about Present Mic, focusing on the quirk that sets him apart.

Did you know that his Voice quirk not only lets him project his voice at ear-splitting volumes but also gives him precise control over his vocal pitch? No wonder he’s the go-to guy for announcements at U.A. High School!


turn it up

The Turn It Up card presents Hizashi in all his glory, doing what he does best – shouting at the top of his lungs! The illustration masterfully captures the unapologetic and energetic nature of Present Mic, making it a perfect visual representation of the Voice Hero. Kudos to the artist for bringing Hizashi’s essence to life.

The background, designed to mimic sound waves, adds a dynamic touch, creating the illusion that his voice is echoing right at us. Talk about a cool card!


Now, let’s shift our focus to the potential value of the Turn It Up card. Here, we find ourselves at a fascinating crossroads. While Hizashi Yamada is undoubtedly a beloved character, he might not enjoy the same level of fanatical adoration as some other prominent figures in the series. Being a side character further impacts his popularity in the card-collecting community.

Considering these factors, our estimated value for the Turn It Up card ranges from $5 to $10. However, as with any valuation, it’s crucial to take this prediction with a grain of salt. The ever-changing currents of the collector’s market could sway the value in unpredictable ways.

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