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The Art Of Fan Favorite Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

fan favorite
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Within the Universus card gaming, the Fan Favorite has truly carved out its niche as a standout promo card, showcasing none other than the universally adored hero, Hawks.

Renowned not only within the fantastical realm of MHA but also in our everyday reality, Hawks takes the spotlight in a card that’s causing quite a stir.

So, buckle up as we embark on a journey through the ins and outs of this card, unveiling its roots, uncovering quirky tidbits about Hawks, dissecting the heartwarming artwork, and playfully speculating on its potential value.



The Fan Favorite’s tale commences with Hawks’ origins. A hero boasting unparalleled agility and a quirk that lets him command and manipulate feathers with finesse, Hawks has gracefully soared into the hearts of fans across the globe.

Born Keigo Takami, he swiftly ascended the hero ranks to claim the number two spot, earning accolades for both his exceptional skills and charismatic demeanor.


Shifting gears to some light-hearted trivia, did you know that Hawks holds the title for the fastest hero in the My Hero Academia universe?

Thanks to his feathered wings, he not only zips around at mind-blowing speeds but also exhibits a level of control over each feather that’s as precise as a maestro wielding a baton.


fan favorite

Now, let’s pivot to the heartwarming imagery gracing the Fan Favorite card. Picture this: Hawks casually taking a selfie with one of his numerous fans. This card serves up a delightful and wholesome snapshot of the MHA universe, offering a perspective beyond the epic clashes between heroes and villains.

It’s a freeze-frame of genuine interactions, illustrating how the lives of ordinary folks are touched by the ongoing tussle between good and evil.

The illustration splendidly captures Hawks’ friendly and outgoing nature. Despite shouldering the weight of hero duties and navigating the challenges that come with the job, Hawks finds a moment of joy to connect with those who admire him.

It’s a testament to his character, showcasing a hero who, amidst the chaos, revels in the simplicity and authenticity of these moments.


As we play the guessing game regarding the Fan Favorite card’s potential value, it’s crucial to acknowledge that while the illustration adds a heartwarming touch, it might not necessarily be considered the pinnacle of Hawks’ card art. However, the exclusivity of being a promo card can often elevate its appeal among collectors.

While the present market may not position it at the zenith, the card’s uniqueness could contribute to a rise in future value. Our conservative estimate hovers around a potential value of $10 down the road, though reality may nudge it slightly lower. As always, take this crystal ball gazing with a pinch of salt, recognizing the ever-evolving landscape of card collecting.

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