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The Art Of The Lurkers Strike Promo From My Hero Academia: Universus

The Lurkers Strike Promo
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The buzz around the My Hero Academia Universus Card Game is hitting a high note, and it’s all thanks to the attention-grabbing Lurkers Strike Promo!

Imagine a card that not only brings one or two but three power-packed heroes—Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods, and Edgeshot! It’s like hitting the jackpot of awesomeness. So, in this article, buckle up as we take a joyous plunge into the backstory, unveil some delightful trivia, and, of course, gush over the captivating illustration while attempting to figure out the exact price tag of this splendid gem.


Let’s embark on this adventure with our dynamic trio. Picture this: Mt. Lady, the colossal heroine who can grow to astonishing sizes; Kamui Woods, the arboreal hero controlling wooden matter; and Edgeshot, the speedster hero twisting and turning his body at breakneck speeds.

Each hero brings their unique flair to the table, and when they join forces on a single card, it’s like a symphony of superhero excellence.


Peeling back the layers of these heroes’ quirks reveals some delightful nuggets. Mt. Lady’s ability to become a giant is not just a powerful punch; it comes with its own set of challenges, like the struggle to find the right attire after a heroic transformation.

Kamui Woods, with his affinity for all things green, often ponders the environmental impact of his arboreal quirk. On the flip side, Edgeshot’s lightning speed turns him into a rubber band of agility.


The Lurkers Strike Promo

Now, onto the true hero of the show—the The Lurkers Strike Promo illustration. You might think squeezing three pro heroes onto one card would be a visual circus, but the artwork pulls off the impossible.

The proportional differences between the heroes, especially with the towering Mt. Lady, give the card an authentic feel. And here’s the kicker—the illustration isn’t a static scene. Our heroes are captured mid-action, showcasing their dynamic abilities. It’s a visual feast that any My Hero Academia fan would be overjoyed to add to their collection.


As for the value of this extraordinary card, we’re navigating uncharted waters. Three heroes on one card is undoubtedly a strong selling point, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark of a full art, which might sway its value.

Considering it’s a promo card, we’re daring to estimate a value between $5 and $10. Yet, we emphasize taking this with a pinch of humor because we’re still in the early stages of unraveling its market worth.

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