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Mirko Promo Card From My Hero Academia Universus

mirko promo
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Mirko, our beloved rabbit hero, is making waves in the My Hero Academia Universus Card Game with a brand-new promo card.

Let’s embark on a delightful journey as we unravel the origins, share some fun trivia, predict the value, and admire the captivating illustration that makes Mirko’s promo a must-have for fans!


mirko rabbit hero

Meet Mirko, or as we affectionately know her, Rumi Usagiyama. This energetic hero has stolen hearts with her fearless attitude and lightning-quick moves. Hailing from the dynamic My Hero Academia universe, Mirko showcases her prowess through the Rabbit quirk, granting her jaw-dropping leg strength and agility.

But what truly sets Mirko apart is her unyielding determination to face challenges head-on.


Mirko’s Rabbit quirk not only amps up her physical abilities but also adds a touch of whimsy to her character. Did you know her hero name, Mirko, is a clever play on the Japanese word for rabbit, “usagi”?

And here’s a cute tidbit – when she’s not saving the day, Mirko has a fondness for carrots! These charming quirks make Mirko an endearing personality in the My Hero Academia universe.


mirko promo

Picture this: Mirko, donned in her iconic hero attire, kicks into action on the promo card. The illustration perfectly captures her dynamic and fierce nature, making it a visual treat for fans. Mirko’s popularity shines through in the thoughtful design, and the dynamic background adds an extra layer of mystique.

The Mirko promo isn’t just a card; it’s a mini masterpiece that brings the hero’s spirit to life.


As Mirko’s promo card hits the scene, fans are buzzing with anticipation about its potential value. With Mirko’s popularity skyrocketing, especially after the recent My Hero Academia season, and considering the general allure of female character cards, enthusiasts are placing the speculative price between $10 and $20.

However, it’s essential to sprinkle a bit of caution over this estimate. The lack of extensive data on Mirko’s previous card releases makes it a bit tricky to pinpoint an exact value. But one thing’s for sure – as Mirko continues to charm hearts, her promo card is destined to become a sought-after gem, whether you’re an avid player or a collector.

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