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The Art Of Canine Tracer From My Hero Academia Universus

canine tracer
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In the vibrant world of My Hero Academia Universus, the Canine Tracer emerges as a standout gem within the MHA promo set. This card, featuring the formidable Ryo Inui, aka the Canine Tracer, is poised to make a splash in the Universus card game.

So, let’s embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of this card, delving into its origins, exploring fascinating trivia, and ultimately taking a peek into its potential value.


canine tracer

The narrative of the Canine Tracer commences with the captivating origins of Ryo Inui. Endowed with a quirk that bestows upon him canine-like abilities, Ryo has undergone rigorous training to harness these powers for the greater good. The Canine Tracer card not only encapsulates a snapshot of the hero’s journey but also offers a glimpse into the fortitude and determination that define Ryo’s character.


Shifting gears to some delightful trivia, did you know that Ryo Inui’s quirk not only amplifies his physical prowess but also heightens his senses, akin to a perceptive canine?

His remarkable sense of smell and agility make him a formidable hero. Adding a charming touch, Ryo harbors a soft spot for animals, especially dogs, often incorporating canine motifs into his hero persona.


canine tracer

Now, let’s dive into the visual allure of the Canine Tracer card. The illustration breathes life into Ryo Inui in a truly awe-inspiring manner. Boasting a physique reminiscent of the mighty All Might, the Canine Tracer radiates a potent and imposing presence.

The canine-like features, notably his distinctive face, infuse the card with a unique character. Striding forward in the artwork, the Canine Tracer strikes a balance between menace and heroism, leaving a lasting visual impression. It’s an anthropomorphic masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of Ryo’s heroic spirit.


When it comes to determining the value of the Canine Tracer card, we find ourselves at a fascinating crossroads. Despite showcasing a hero with impressive abilities, the challenge lies in the character’s relatively lower profile compared to more prominent figures in the My Hero Academia universe. The value of a card often hinges on the character’s popularity, and in the case of the Canine Tracer, it may not grab the same spotlight as other UA heroes.

Considering these dynamics, we cautiously position the value of the Tracer in the range of $2 to $5. However, it’s crucial to note that the landscape of card collecting is dynamic, with values subject to change based on evolving preferences within the community.

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