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Get Ready for RumbleRama MHA CCG Matches: A Jet Burn Adventure!

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The stage is set for an epic showdown that’s bound to get your hearts racing. Get ready to embrace the newest expansion of My Hero Academia CCG – Jet Burn. The excitement? Through the roof!

Now, the big question – are you all prepped to dive headfirst into the marvelous world of MHA CCG? It’s time for you to shine on the grand stage of RumbleRama MHA Matches.

Jet Burn: A Fresh Start

The Jet Burn expansion is more than just cards; it’s a gateway to the heart of the MHA universe. Once you crack open those booster packs, a world filled with strategy, power, and limitless possibilities awaits.

Each card? Think of it as a missing piece of the MHA puzzle, and guess what, you’re the one who gets to put it all together. If you’re curious about all the updates and changes in MHA CCG, UVS Games has gone all in to give you the full scoop. Find out more right here at – UVS Games: A New Era for Universus Collectible Card Game.

The Hype Surrounding Jet Burn

Ochaco Uraraka Alternate Art Nejire Hado Momo Yaoyorozu Alternate Art

Wondering why Jet Burn is causing such a stir? Well, the hype is real, my friends! With over 150 shiny new cards, this expansion brings something for everyone to the table.

Fresh faces or seasoned pros – it doesn’t matter. Jet Burn serves as a fresh beginning and an invitation to explore the ever-growing universe of My Hero Academia.

Fans are itching to get their hands on these cards, and what better way to see what they’re made of than through the electrifying RumbleRama MHA Matches.

The Ultimate Showdown


Now, onto the main event – RumbleRama MHA Matches!

If you’re eager to flaunt your strategic brilliance, take on fellow fans, and have a blast while you’re at it, these tournaments are your golden ticket. Let’s get you up to speed:

Tournament Rules: You’ve got to play by the rules, right? Every tournament rule you need is right there on the RumbleRama MHA Matches Discord server. Just head to the “MHA CCG” section and dive into the “tournament-rules thread.”

Registration and Entry: To secure your spot in these legendary battles, you need to sign up. Your entry? It’s just $10, and that’s not all. It includes 2 Plus Ultra Packs and 1 Booster Pack. Here’s the link1/link2 to register

Upcoming Tournament Dates: Brace yourself for a thrilling lineup of events in October and November. From sealed events to pre-release parties, there’s something for everyone.

Monthly Giveaway: But hold on, there’s a bonus! Get ready for some extra excitement with the Monthly Giveaway. Who doesn’t love freebies?

In a nutshell, RumbleRama MHA Matches are your chance to become a part of the My Hero Academia universe and take on fellow fans. So, grab your deck, plan your strategies, and show the world your MHA CCG brilliance!

Hungry for more details? You’ll find the full scoop on the official Discord. And if you’re itching to jump into these epic battles, you can secure your entry for just $10, complete with some fantastic bonus packs. Don’t forget to check out the monthly giveaway over at – there are freebies waiting for you.

You can find the official announcement and more updates here

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